An online program designed to help you find

✨Relief from your symptoms

✨Repair the gut and your relationship with food

✨Relax the mind (another huge trigger!)

With my support every step of the way!!

As a member, you will have access to my step-by-step strategy integrating functional medicine and the Low FODMAP Diet to help you feel better now and enjoy life-long symptom control.

AND access to me each week to help with any questions so you never feel stuck.

The monthly cost is $49/month. However, the price will go up the next time I open enrollment in August.

Ready to say ✌️ to unpredictable 💩 and start making summer plans (that you won’t have to cancel)?!

Join the waitlist where you’ll get first access when enrollment opens and bonuses if you join.

Enrollment is limited so you'll gain the benefits of working in a small group for added support and accountability.

We start in June!!!

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